The TTC range of Brake Pads, Brake Discs, Brake Drums and Brake Calipers covers over 50 commercial vehicle applications and with over 600 references is one of the most extensive on offer.

The ‘quality alternative’ range of braking products offers an affordable and high quality alternative.

TTC Brake Pads are all ECE R90 approved and tested in the UK at MIRA. All of the Brake Pads are clearly marked on the backing plate with the E11 number, TTC part number and Batch Code for full traceability. The friction materials are benchmarked against OE pad materials and formulated to suit vehicle type and application. To support the range of Brake Pads, TTC have also developed a quality alternative range of Brake Discs and these are also manufactured to exacting standards which meet the needs of today’s vehicle fleets.